Credit Interview with the Bank? Do 6 Things

Try to arrive at the interview place 10 minutes before the interview begins. Your discipline about time will make a plus for the bank if you are the type who values ​​time, and certainly it will always be on time to pay the credit installments they lend.


Neatly dressed

Neatly dressed

Some say that dressing neatly is the same as respecting yourself and others. So it is advisable to dress neatly while attending an interview. Clothes do not need to be expensive, which is formal.

In addition, appear neat also gives a plus because of course you can also be relied upon about financial arrangements.



You have to be confident that you deserve a credit application and banks should be lucky to get potential clients like you. If you don’t believe in yourself, how will the bank trust you?


Uncomplicated Answers

Know the Personal Financial Condition

The bank will ask a few things about your and your family’s financial condition, also about the plan where the credit will be distributed if by chance you ask for credit for business. Well, answer all questions politely and to the point.

Do not be complicated because it will cause confusion and suspicion that you yourself do not know what to do with the credit funds. You may also explain your business plan. But it doesn’t need to be too long.


Be honest and what it is

An interview with a bank for credit is actually the same as exposing your financial condition. Even so you are advised to always honestly answer all these questions. Usually the most frequently asked questions are:

  1. Debts that you have, including credit card debt or debt to relatives and friends.

  2. Your job now whether as a permanent employee, honorary or freelancer

  3. Your salary and your wife, including whether it is sufficient to meet all needs, including credit installments to the bank if by chance you get credit assistance.

If the answers to the three big questions are not satisfactory, you will lose the opportunity to get credit from the bank. It’s better to be open and straightforward because that will be a plus as well if you are an honest creditor candidate.


Know the Personal Financial Condition

money loans

Oh yes, besides being honest, you are also expected to know with certainty your current financial condition, including what percentage of total income can be allocated to pay the credit installments later.

As information, the bank will usually extend credit if the installments are only 1/3 of your total income. If more than that, they will think again for fear that you experience default.



Every effort will be made easy if you pray. So there is no harm in praying before the interview process begins. Prayer not only makes you more relaxed, but also makes you confident when answering questions from the bank.

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Face the Interview in earnest

When you are invited to an interview with the bank about a loan application, it actually indicates that your credit application will most likely be accepted.

However, you must still show sincerity that you need these funds at the bank. This seriousness can further pave the way to get credit from the bank.

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