What documents are required for a loan from a non-bank company?

Non-bank companies are characterized by the use of simplified formalities. In addition, in most cases, the entire loan process is carried out over the Internet, which significantly reduces the time it takes to receive money. However, customers must take into account the necessity of completing the necessary formalities. What documents are needed to get a loan?

What data do I need to provide in the application?


The first step to getting a loan is to complete the application. In this case, an ID card will be required, as it will be necessary to copy the required personal data from it. On this basis, lenders verify their clients and verify their identity before issuing a loan decision. To take a loan you will need:

  • first name and last name,

  • address,

  • Phone number,

  • pesel,

  • ID number.

In addition, you must provide income information. It will, therefore, be necessary to complete the application for sources of income, income and financial burden.

What do you need to take a loan?


The loan application is the most important to take out the loan, however, some lenders require additional documents. This can be a certificate from the employer or the need to document income. Of course, you will also need a valid ID card and access to your own bank account, unless the loan agreement is concluded at your home.

Can anyone take a loan for your data?

Simplified loan procedures and minimum formalities may raise concerns about swindling. You can find many offers advertised as PESEL loans on the market. Although it is required in the application, it is not enough to take out a loan. Before paying out a loan, you must pass one of the available methods to verify your identity.

This can be via electronic banking or in a post office when choosing the option to pay with the check. In this case, it is necessary to show an identity document, therefore it is not possible to receive money without proof. So there is no risk that someone can take out a loan for your data.

What documents are needed to extend the repayment? 

If the loan settlement date is approaching and it is not possible, you can use the option to extend the repayment. In this case, additional documents must be provided, such as an application for extension of the deadline. Some lenders may require additional documents regarding payables. On this basis, a new repayment schedule is set up, tailored to the client’s financial capacity.

At Good Finance you can check which formalities are needed to take a loan in selected companies. Each institution may determine the conditions on which it provides financial support, which is why in some cases it may be necessary to provide additional documents.

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